Changing Schools from Your Child’s Perspective

There is one thing that is a bit strange about the process we, go through to pick the right school for our children. Parents often develop a very systematic evaluation system for picking a school which weighs the academic resources of the school, the abilities of the teachers, the schools physical plant and how classes … Read more

Big Schools Big Programs

Comparing the good things that can be offered between school programs can get difficult. Picking a school for your kids isn’t as cut and dried as it was when we were young. Only a few decades ago, the public school system was the only alternative to get an education for children and since having our … Read more

Becoming a Snob

When you talk to a lot of parents, its amazing how many consider the public school system to be the only option for getting a quality education for their children. It seems that this limited view of education would have fallen by the wayside by now with so many options for getting your kids through … Read more

A Place Where You Cannot Protect Your Child

There are a lot of reasons that parents consider pulling their kids out of public schools and putting them in private institutions. The quality of education and lower teacher to student ratios often are sited. Private schools can do better with special needs or working with students with special talents as well. But by far … Read more

A Place for Your Gifted Child

When you recognize that your child is gifted in some particular area of talent or intellect, getting the school system to recognize that special ability can be a challenge. For the most part public schools are designed to accommodate the “normal” range of children. Because it’ a legal requirement not only that you send your … Read more