The Legalized Abduction of Children

It’s almost inconceivable but it happens to every single family in the country every day. You often reflect that one of your biggest jobs as a mom and dad is to protect your sweet child so she grows strong and never loses her love of life and learning. So the very idea that your child could be abducted and taken to some far away building is horrifying. And not only that but it is an abduction that you must sit by and witness because you are required by law to hand over your children or fear stiff penalties. In fact, you are required by law to pay extra taxes to support the livelihoods of the abductors who steal your child away.

While your child is away, she will be locked up and forced to sit for hours with other abducted children and listen to value discussions of morals, ethics and religious ideas that are not their own and to be driven to intense levels of boredom and tedium by droning lecturers who refuse to let them get out of their chairs except for five minutes an hour to move to another room to be tortured further.

Of course by now you recognize that we are talking about the public school system. It’s absolutely phenomenal that we subject our youth to this kind of torment day after day for the majority of their childhood and teenage years. And then we wonder when they become bitter, angry and rebellious children when we as parents refuse to protect them from this kind of abuse.

It is all done under the guise of “education”. And we would be able to accept that definition if the children all emerged from this system highly educated, equipped with both life and vocational skills and ready to take on the world. But the truth is that the majority of the curriculum of the schools is meaningless and of no life value. It will still be up to you to teach your kids how to balance a checkbook, get and keep a job, write a respectable term paper and manage a household.

To say the public school system is flawed and seriously out of touch with what society needs or what children need from the ages of five through eighteen is a gross understatement. But because having your kids go to public school is “the way it has always be done”, we turn over the most precious thing in our lives, our own children, to an inept system that drives the love of learning from them, makes them dread every day they go there and produces a child that has to be totally reprogrammed to go on to excellence in college or in a career.

It really is up to us as parents to change the situation. Now to get the public education system abolished or even to see any serious reform is probably beyond our ability as individual parents. But the law does allow us to find a better alternative for our kids. And that alternative often is a quality private school. The reason private schools have been so successful is because so many parents have, like you, become fed up with seeing their kids abducted each day for a system of education that the parents neither support or believe in.

By moving your kids to a private school setting, you have a tremendous amount of control simply in what kind of school you pick for your child. Private schools are privately funded so if they do not live up to their promises to create a nurturing and productive learning environment and to teach the kids subjects that really matter, you can simply “fire them” and take your child to a different school or, worst case, teach them yourself via home schooling.

Now we have no excuse. The private school movement is thriving and growing so the odds are that you have a diverse assortment of schools to choose from in your town. You can interview the alternatives and find a school that will protect and develop your child’s natural love of learning. And when your child loves to go to school because you saved from the “abduction” of public school, you will be glad you made the effort to find a good place for them to get their education and a place they can find success and enjoyment in learning all at the same time.

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