Why Private School for Your Child?

There are notable differences in what private schools offer from the public school environment. So when you begin that evaluation process, it’s important that you know what you are looking for in a school before you make the investment in putting your youngster into a private institution. Very often private schools draw new students based … Read more

Who Holds the Schools Accountable?

Perhaps the biggest difference between public and private school is the system of accountability. Children know all about being held accountable. Not long after they leave behind infancy, children learn that virtually everybody is going to hold them accountable for something or another in almost every situation they will be in. And they become little … Read more

When Schools Turn into Spys

What do you pay the school to do for your child? You pay the school to educate your child. You pay them to teach them the fundamental skills in life such as mathematics, history, language, logical thinking, public speaking, government and civic responsibility and perhaps in the arts as well. Of course, when it comes … Read more

When Fear is a Part of Life at School

You can probably think back on some of your favorite classes when you was growing up and going to school. And when you think back fondly on that class, how would you describe the atmosphere of the class and the motivation system that was used by the school and by the administration to get you … Read more

They Want to Drug Your Child!

Anyone who has an interest in what is going on in the world of children’s health has noticed the explosion of medications and diagnosis of children with ADD, ADHD, Asperger syndrome or Autism. Does is strike you as strange that all of a sudden a huge percentage of otherwise normal and healthy children are being … Read more

The Rights of Parents

Sometimes it seems that once you drop your children off at the door of the school that your rights as parents seem to disappear. This is one of the most disturbing things about sending your child off to school and to public school in particular. In many subtle ways, the school seems to send the … Read more

The Legalized Abduction of Children

It’s almost inconceivable but it happens to every single family in the country every day. You often reflect that one of your biggest jobs as a mom and dad is to protect your sweet child so she grows strong and never loses her love of life and learning. So the very idea that your child … Read more

The Government Wants Private Schools to go Away

When you are trying to make an objective decision about whether to make the change of putting your child in private school versus keeping them in public school, you need objective advice. So naturally you want to turn to objective leaders in the area of child and adolescent education to give you that balanced viewpoint … Read more